Gold Au $2371.19 $-20.15
Silver Ag $28.27 $-0.38
Platinum Pt $936.87 $1.96
Palladium Pd $1030.99 $-0.62
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$5 Vintage Jewelry !

Penny Pincher Jewelry in Fairfax, VA is a leading jewelry retailer specializing in estate, antique, and vintage jewelry. We buy and sell costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, gold jewelry and platinum jewelry. We also buy closeout jewelry, liquidation jewelry, and overstock jewelry from other jewelers and retailers and sell them to you at a discount.

$5 Vintage Jewelry has been our hallmark since we started in 2011. Not only can we sell sell vintage jewelry for only $5, but we also sell new sterling silver jewelry and new costume jewelry for $5 since we import the items directly from the manufacturers and pass along the savings to you. We also have $10 jewelry and $20 jewelry cases. In the future, we will have have a $49 case and a $99 case. This makes it easy for you to shop and avoids that awkward moment when you like a piece and ask us the price and we say $9,500. 

Our better silver jewelry, 14kt gold jewelry, 18kt gold jewelry, and platinum jewelry is priced individually. However, we are able to offer suberb value since we are the buyer and seller and can pass the savings along to you. For example, we routinely have 14kt gold chains and pendants for $99 to $199. We price them usually by weight. We also have much higher end designer estate jewelry that ranges from $5,000 to $25,000.

Do We Buy Jewelry? Yes! We are licensed by the City of Fairfax with a Precious Metals & Gems license. We must report each item we purchase and hold it for a minimum of 10 days after reporting it to the police department. It's no big deal, we do this all the time. It prevents bad actors from bringing in stolen jewelry.