Gold Au $2374.28 $-17.09
Silver Ag $28.30 $-0.35
Platinum Pt $937.59 $2.90
Palladium Pd $1030.01 $-2.05
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As Of12/9/2023
1799/8 Draped Bust Dollar 13 Reverse Stars PCI F-127021.03$2000
1860-O Liberty Seated Dollar6789.03$400
1876 Trade Dollar6783.01$300
1877-S Trade Dollar6825.01$200
1877-S Trade Dollar6762.06$500
1878-CC Morgan Dollar6864.01$250
1878-CC Morgan Dollar6784.02$300
1878-CC Morgan Dollar6998.27$750
1878-CC Morgan Dollar6998.28$750
1878-S Trade Dollar6683.01$225
1879-CC Morgan Dollar7135.01$300
1880-CC 8/Low 7 Morgan Dollar6998.10$900
1880-CC Morgan Dollar GSA PCGS MS-637297.01$950
1880-S Morgan Dollar6998.15$550
1881-CC Morgan Dollar6864.04$325
1881-S Morgan Dollar6998.16$285
1882-CC Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63 #434261357309.02$475
1883-CC Morgan Dollar6998.19$375
1883-CC Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64 DMPL #431185047309.01$875
1884-O Morgan Dollar GSA Hard Pack7259.01$375
1884-O Morgan Dollar PL6998.21$475
1884-S Morgan Dollar7287.01$1000
1885-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64+6275.01$200
1885-S Morgan Dollar7153.01$300
1888-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-646961.01$185
1889-CC Morgan Dollar PCGS G-47286.06$750
1889-S Morgan Dollar6738.03$275
1890 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63 #461679037252.01$245
1890-CC Morgan Dollar6884.01$225
1890-CC Morgan Dollar7114.02$225
1890-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63 #132025075805.14$250
1890-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63 #121038747309.07$225
1890-S Morgan Dollar Redfield NGC MS-636914.01$250
1891 Morgan Dollar6738.04$260
1891 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-63 #461679047252.02$260
1891-CC Morgan Dollar7270.01$250
1891-CC Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-627172.07$950
1893 Morgan Dollar6864.10$225
1893 Morgan Dollar6943.03$600
1893-CC Morgan Dollar6784.09$400
1893-CC Morgan Dollar PCGS F-12 #447228727286.07$800
1893-O Morgan Dollar6864.11$325
1894 Morgan Dollar PCGS XF-45 CAC7199.03$1850
1895-O Morgan Dollar6784.11$275
1895-O Morgan Dollar6864.13$375
1896-O Morgan Dollar SEGS AU-58 PL6902.04$425
1897 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64 #464799027309.06$210
1897-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64 #274370507309.05$425
1898-O Morgan Dollar GSA Soft Pack7259.02$600
1898-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-65 #434261297309.08$235
1898-S Morgan Dollar7153.02$500
1899 Morgan Dollar6943.04$375
1899 Morgan Dollar7199.06$475
1899-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-65 CAC #280726867309.10$300
1899-O Morgan Dollar Rainbow Toned7257.01$275
1900 Morgan Dollar NGC MS-65 #622623-0037309.09$265
1900-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64 CAC7172.06$1695
1921 Peace Dollar6782.02$300
1921 Peace Dollar7270.02$300
1921 Peace Dollar6782.01$325
1921 Peace Dollar6870.02$350
1921-D Morgan Dollar NGC MS-646762.03$485
1921-D Morgan Dollar NGC MS-64 #5895371-0067309.04$450
1921-S Morgan Dollar NGC MS-64 #1638633-0747309.03$340
1925-S Peace Dollar NGC MS-63 Redfield Horde6546.17$400
1928 Peace Dollar6784.01$275
1928 Peace Dollar7199.05$875
1934 Peace Dollar6072.04$250
2021 'CC' Morgan Dollar MS-70 Early Releases7286.03$500
2021 Peace Dollar OGP6857.02$250
2021 Peace Dollar PCGS MS-69 First Strike #441896657263.02$250
2021-S Morgan Dollar NGC MS-70 Early Releases7286.04$500
2023-S Reverse Proof Morgan and Peace Dollar Set7266.02$250
2023-S Reverse Proof Morgan and Peace Dollar Set7266.03$250