Gold Au $2373.48 $-17.80
Silver Ag $28.34 $-0.32
Platinum Pt $937.30 $2.53
Palladium Pd $1032.54 $0.92
Call 703-383-1414

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As Of12/9/2023
1863 CuNi Indian Head Cent6998.05$285
1863 CuNi Indian Head Cent NGC MS-637193.06$375
1877 Indian Head Cent ANACS EF details6043.03$2000
1887 Indian Head Cent RB6998.34$1000
1889 Indian Head Cent PCGS MS-64 RB7193.04$375
1893 Indian Head Cent Proof6743.08$385
1898 Indian Head Cent RB6998.04$675
1903 Indian Head Cent Proof7288.08$650
1904 Indian Head Cent6743.09$425
1909-S Indian Head Cent7278.05$675
1910 Lincoln Wheat Cent RB6743.19$375
1912-D Lincoln Wheat Cent Old ANACS MS-64 RB6889.06$550
1914-D Lincoln Wheat Cent6990.02$375
1914-D Lincoln Wheat Cent NGC F-127063.03$300
1914-D Lincoln Wheat Cent NGC VF-256669.01$425
1918 Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS-64 RD7193.01$225
1919-S Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS-63 RB6889.03$185
1925-D Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS-64 RB6889.02$375
1931-S Lincoln Wheat Cent6818.01$265
1943 Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS-677193.03$210
1943-S Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS-677193.02$275
1955 Lincoln Wheat Cent Double Die Obverse PCGS AU-58 CAC #450330257290.01$3300
1959 Lincoln Memorial Cent NGC PF-69* RD #5838936-0017286.08$375
Colonial Copper 1787 Draped Bust Left Maris-33 Connecticut Copper7188.01$275
New Jersey Colonial Copper 'Nova Caesarea' 1787 Maris-33u No Sprig Above Plow 1/2 Penny7163.04$350
1832 Capped Bust Half Dime6770.01$300
1884 Liberty Nickel6743.18$300
1884 Liberty Nickel Proof6743.14$500
1899 Liberty Nickel NGC MS-646288.02$295
1899 Liberty Nickel Proof6743.13$315
1903 Liberty Nickel Proof Rainbow Toned7288.06$500
1907 Liberty Nickel6743.17$300
1910 Liberty Nickel6743.15$300
1914-D Buffalo Nickel7303.01$975
1918-D 8/7 Buffalo Nickel7303.02$975
1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel7303.03$1500
1891 Seated Liberty Dime PCGS MS-627193.05$325
1920-D Mercury Dime FB7113.02$375
1920-S Mercury Dime7113.03$350
1925-S Mercury Dime7113.04$500
1927 Mercury Dime FB7113.05$575
1927-D Mercury Dime7113.06$325
1927-S Mercury Dime7113.07$400
1928-S Mercury Dime7113.08$350
1929-D Mercury Dime FB7113.09$875
1945-S Mercury Dime NGC MS-68 CAC7286.01$825
1820 Capped Bust Quarter6789.05$225
1853 Arrows And Rays Seated Liberty Quarter PCGS VF-30 #291536297235.03$210
1901 Barber Quarter6743.03$285
1903 Barber Quarter Proof7288.05$650
1917-D Type 2 Standing Liberty Quarter6789.07$260
1919-D Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS VF-206762.09$650
1936-S Washington Quarter PCGS MS-667193.09$425
1961 Washington Quarter DDO FS-101 NGC PF-687286.05$500
1814 Capped Bust Half Dollar7242.04$600
1826 Capped Bust Half Dollar O-117 PCGS AU-50 #202519097204.17$450
1833 Capped Bust Half Dollar7282.01$300
1835 Capped Bust Half Dollar6789.09$275
1840 Seated Liberty Half Dollar7165.02$375
1856-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar7278.01$325
1877-S Seated Liberty Half Dollar6789.06$225
1920 Pilgrim Commemorative Half Dollar NGC MS-656702.02$300
1928 Hawaiian Commemorative Half Dollar PCGS Rattler MS-636457.01$4000
1936 Rhode Island Commemorative Half Dollar NGC MS-65 #6699969-0027308.02$225
1936 York Commemorative Half Dollar NGC MS-64 #6699969-0017308.01$215
1937 Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-65 #118143157204.18$325
1941-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-656847.01$180
1955 Franklin Half Dollar 'Bugs Bunny' NGC MS-65 FBL7286.02$235