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Coins of the United States represent some of the most collectible and rare coins in the world. As a rare coin collector, you have a lot to choose from; early american copper and large cents to indian head cents, lincoln wheat cents, and lincoln memorial cents. The nickel collector can start with capped bust half dimes and seated liberty half dimes before the coin was converted to nickel and shield nickels were introduced, followed by Liberty Head nickels, buffalo nickels and jefferson nickels. The silver dime collector can choose from capped bust dimes, seated liberty dimes, barber dimes, mercury dimes, and roosevelt dimes. The quarter dollar collector has a selection ranging from capped bust quarters, seated liberty quarters, barber quarters, standing liberty quarters and washington quarters. Half dollar collectors can start with capped bust half dollars, seated liberty half dollars, morgan half dollars, walking liberty half dollars, benjamin franklin half dollars, and kennedy half dollars. Dollar collectors can collect seated liberty dollars, trade dollars, morgan dollars, carson city dollars, peace dollars, eisenhower dollars, Susan B. Anthony Dollars, sacagawea dollars, and presidential dollars.


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