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Trade Dollars were minted from 1873 to 1885, though the last commercial strikes were 1878. The Trade Dollars minted in 1879 through 1885 were proof coins for the nascent collector market. The 1885 Trade Dollar has just 5 known specimens, so expect to pay over a million dollars for one of those. The Trade Dollar was specifically issued for circulation in the Orient with a slightly higher silver content than the currently circulating Liberty Seated Dollar. Many Trade Dollars have "Chop Marks" where traders in the Orient counterstamped them to indicate silver content and local value. 

Nice examples of circulated Trade Dollars are generally available to rare coin collectors. Even lower grade uncirculated Trade Dollars in PCGS or NGC certified holders are available and within financial reach of many serious numismatists. MS-65 and Proof examples are rare and coin collectors must be patient to add these to their collection.

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