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Penny Pincher Coins and Jewelry is a national leader in purchasing rare coins and paper money. We have clients across the country and across the world who are waiting for your rare coins right now. In fact, over 90% of our client base is outside the state of Virginia. We purchase all rare coins, currency, stamps, stock certificates, historical documents, militaria and other items that may appeal to our collectors. In United States coinage, silver coins before 1965 and especially before 1878 have particular collector interest. Paper Money from the 1928 series and before is collectable.

World coins are some of the most ineteresting and affordable collectables available. In general, we are looking for pre-Napoleonic world coins (1809), though many coins from that period through the Second World War can be collectable, especially if they are in high grade. World paper money is more collectable before World War II, and especially before World War I. World paper money from 1950 until now more or less must be uncirculated to have any value. If you went on a honeymoon in the 70's and have some change left over, we may not be able to help you ;)

Please do not attempt to clean your coins in any way. There is no way to safely clean coins without destroying their collectable value. Bring them to us dirty. We like that. Sellers often spend time putting coins in individual plastic bags, jars, and flips. It actually makes our job more difficult because we have to spend time and money to take them back out of those containers. Just leave them as you found them. We have experts on staff that are used to sorting through boxes of coins quickly.

Stamps are a fascinating hobby. However, there are not nearly as many stamp collectors as there used to be. United States stamps before 1898 have value, those between 1898 and 1935 can be valuable and anything after that period is unlikely to be very valuable. We will buy everything, but stamp prices have declined significantly in the past 20 years. We buy stamps from the United States and all world stamps. Of particular note are Nazi stamps, which, despite their historical significance, are quite common and therefore, not valuable. 

Stock and Bond Certificates are great "Man Cave" items that look great ina frame hung on the wall. Items before 1898 have the most value, items through the 1930's can have value as well and stock and bond certificates after the 1930's are pretty common and less collectable. Oddly, railroad certificates are the most common and least valuable of all the stock certificates. We are also buyers of any foreign bonds or certificates.



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