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The Sacagawea Dollar was introduced in 2000. The design was selected from among 120 submissions and artist Glenna Goodacre won. She smartly took her $5,000 payment in Sacagawea dollars that had a special presentation finish. These 5,000 Sacagawea Dollars are certified and known as 2000 Sacagawea Goodacre Presentation Finish. Rare coin collectors paid hundreds of dollars for a single example. She's not only a good coin engraver, but also a savvy business woman.

The Sacagawea Dollar is a popularly collected coin series as they have a pleasing golden color and are readily available in both uncirculated and proof condition. Starting in 2002, mintages of the Sacagawea Dollar dropped to about 2 million dollars a year as they continued to not be used in commerce. The third failed attempt to get Americans to use non silver dollar coins.

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