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Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office in April 1945, a month before the Nazi surrender and a half year before the end of World War II. Unlike Lincoln, who was shot a week after Appomattox Courthouse, FDR did not live to see the end of the war. He might have known that victory was imminent, though. In 1946, the United States Mint issued the Roosevelt Dime in 90% silver and it has remained a favorite with coin collectors every since.

Roosevelt silver dimes were minted from 1946 to 1964, when silver was taken out of circulation. Proof coins for the Roosevelt Dime series exist starting in 1950. Coin collectors should be able to collect this series in uncirculated condition without too much trouble. The Korean War era S-mint dimes are starting to get scarce in uncirculated condition and collectors should expect to pay a premium for those.

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