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The Peace Dollar was issued as a commemorative peace coin celebrating the end of the Great War, World Way I. The Peace Dollar, oddly, was issued without congressional sanction, under the terms of the Pittman Act. Beginning in December 1921 with a mintage of just over a million silver dollars, the high relief Peace Dollar was issued. Banks and counting houses could not stack the high relief silver dollars and the design was changed in 1922 for a normal relief Peace Dollar that could easily be stacked. 

Mintage of the Peace Dollar is sizeable, though generally smaller than the Morgan Dollar. Aside from the 1921 Peace Dollar, the 1928 Peace Dollar and the 1934-S Peace Dollar are relatively rare. Coin collectors can complete this set without too much difficulty. However, a number of the silver dollars in this series command substantial premiums in About Uncirculated condition and better. Certified Peace Dollars in PCGS or NGC holders with a flashy eye appeal are more desireable than dull or grey peace dollars in the same grade.

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