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The word Dollar was officially adopted as the standard monetary unit of the United States by Congress on July 6, 1785. The word dollar evolved from the German thaler. The Spanish dollar, or piece of eight, was widely circulated in the colonies and used in everyday commerce before the Act in 1785. The Draped Bust dollar was minted from 1795 until 1804. However, the 1804 is exceedingly rare, with one in the Smithsonian and 14 others occasionally coming to market. 

There are two type coins for the Draped Bust Dollar. There is the Small Eagle Reverse from 1795-98 and the Heraldic Eagle Reverse from 1798 to 1804. The Draped Bust Dollar, Small Eagle Reverse might look more like a chicken to some rare coin collectors. It's design was changed to the Draped Bust Dollar Heraldic Reverse in 1798 which most numismatists will recognize. Aside from the many die varieties that exist, rare coin collectors will be able to add lower grade examples to their collections. Coins graded extra fine and better are rare.

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