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The legacy of the Classic Head Half Cent is troubled because it spans both the War of 1812 and the Hard Times of 1832-44. As a result, there are significant gaps in minting the half cent. The Classic Head Half Cent was minted in Philadelphia from 1809 through 1811. The War of 1812 interrupted production, which did not begin again until 1825. Half cents were minted through 1836, with the exception of 1827 and 1830. Most 1831 Classic Head Half Cents on the market are restrikes produced by the mint from 1858-61. Mintages were small through 1836 and did not really resume until the introduction of the Braided Hair Half Cent in 1849.

Most rare coin collectors choose to collect early copper by type. While the 1809 has the highest mintage at over a million half cents, more high grade uncirculated and about uncirculated examples exist in the 1832-1835 time period. While mintages varied from 100,000 to 300,000 many were bought by collectors of the day and did not circulated.

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