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Capped Bust Half Dollars are one of the most collected early type coins. Minted from 1807 to 1836 as a lettered edge half dollar, the Capped Bust Half Dollar has a lot of varieties. Often, the varieties are referred to by their Overton number, sometimes abbreviated to "O-", such as "O-108" to designate Overton variety number 108. The Overton variety reference book is for sale in our accessories category.

In 1836, a major advancement in anti-debasement and anti-counterfeit technology was introduced; the Reeded Edge. Capped Bust Half Dollars were struck with a reeded edge through 1839. Rare coin collectors can collect Capped Bust Half Dollars as type coins, by date and mintmark, or by Overton variety. The mintages were high for many years and About Uncirculated and Uncirculated examples are frequently offered by this rare coin dealer.

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