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Walking Liberty Half Dollar Short Set

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The Walking LIberty Half Dollar is one of the most iconic American coins. The series began in 1916 with U.S. Mint engraver Adolph Weinman's design. Most all of the dates and mint mark varieties were minted in quantities over one million pieces except for the 1921, 1921-D, and 1921-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar. Unfortunately, even thought mintages exceeded ten million pieces in some years, they circulated heavily as the work horse of American Commerce. As a result, collecting a complete set in MS-63 to MS-65 condition is extremely expensive. 

The Answer? The Short Set. A complete run of Walking Liberty Half Dollars certified from NGC or PCGS in MS-63 to MS-65 will not break the bank. The coins are readily available, pleasing to the eye, as a result, a great value. Walking Liberty Half Dollars in MS-63 can be had for under $100 while nice examples in MS-65 rarely exceed $200. 

As a rare coin collector, I would suggest you start with this goal in mind and steadily work towards acquiring a nice short set of Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Even non-collectors will think it's impressive when you show it to them.


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