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The Barber Half Dollar is named after the designed Charles E. Barber. The Barber Half Dollar was minted from 1892 through 1915 and is readily available from rare coin dealers in conditions up to MS-63 in PCGS or NGC certified holders. Oddly, Barber coinage is available in low grades and very high grades. Coins in very fine and extra fine condition can be difficult to locate. Barber Half Dollars were also minted as proof coins in each year from the Philadelphia mint. Though rare, proof Barber Half Dollars in lower conditions are available.

While there are some key dates to the Barber Half Dollar series such as the 1892-O and 1892-S, the mintages of most exceed a million half dollars. Whether you are adding these to your type coin set or collecting the whole series, you will enjoy the challenge of collecting Barber Half Dollars.

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